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Welcome to Ask a Designer…..and a “Shrink”

book picSandy Berendes, an interior designer and Laura Longville, a life coach and therapist help couples successfully build and remodel their homes. Home construction projects can be stressful and take a toll on relationships.

Sandy and Laura want to help you keep the stress to a minimum and the outcome to a maximum! In our blog, Ask a Designer ……and a “Shrink” we answer questions about your home construction project AND offer solutions to your relationship challenges.

Take a risk and ask questions about your unique remodel or building problems. Most likely, if you ask the question someone else will benefit too! If you would like ideas for your interior design, Sandy can also answer those questions .

Laura can assist you with problems, concerns or disputes in your relationship while you are working together on your home construction project. Building and remodeling can bring out the worst AND best in your relationship. We want to help you build on your strengths and keep the love alive throughout your project.

They can work with you from the beginning to end of your home construction project and everything in between. For further information visit Build and Remodel for Couples


DISCLAIMER……Laura Longville LAC is not a “shrink” or a Dr. of any kind. She is a licensed addiction counselor in the state of South Dakota. She has worked with families and couples for over 28 years.


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